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Colors used in items

These are my standard colors for icings,fondant,and gumpaste.
Colors can vary depending on your

 monitor settings- *if you need an

exact color please send a swatch in

the mail. Just choose"email with

color" and let me know the swatch

 is on the way.***

If you need to match a color with your cake trim here are the colors used to mix the special colors above.
Periwinkle- an equal mix of royal blue and regal purple(if you need a very particular color-send a color swatch).
Dark periwinkle- an equal mix of royal blue and regal purple(if you need a very particular color -send a color swatch)
Lavender(light regal purple),
MMedium purple (medium tones regal purple),
Deep purple (tons of regal purple)

Cornflower blue- medium tone of royal blue with a touch of navy blue.(If you need a very particular color send a color swatch)
Plum-equal parts Burgundy and regal purple.
LIGHT sage green- ivory and forest green (if you need a darker sage let me know to deepen the colors-or even better, just send a color swatch.)
Avocado- leaf green and super red.
Juniper- lightened avocado
maroon-this has a very brown tint to it
burgundy-this has a purple tint to it

Royal icing are made from powdered sugar ,water, meringue powder,and flavoring. They are edible although most people will not eat them because they are hard. Be aware that deeper,darker colors like red,deep pink,dark purple,orange, maroon and burgundy may not taste as good because of the amount(2-3 Tbsp) of Americolor food coloring used to make the color. Darker colors will stain the mouth and teeth.