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Butterflies Wafer paper

EDIBLE-made from potato starch,vegetable oil and water.   Please note: They will never get as dark/bright as the jpeg images online just because of the nature of wafer paper( not perfectly smooth like regular paper and it soaks in the colors.)

***SHIPPED AS 8x 11 SHEETS OF FLAT BUTTERFLIES- YOU NEED TO CUT OUT AND MAKE 3D. 2nd way to make shimmery:spread thinly with clear piping gel, sprinkle with edible glitter or superfine sugar for sparkle, let dry a few hours. Cut around the butterflies ,separate the wings. Make a body out of royal icing,stick the wings in ,add stamens , let dry.

3 inch butterflies
Black butterflies
Peach butterflies
Pink butterflies
PRECUT 1 3/4 inch butterflies
Sample butterfly
White butterflies
assorted colors-assorted sizes
Blue butterlies
red butterflies
orange butterflies
Yellow butterflies.
Purple butterflies
Green butterflies