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AMERICOLOR FOOD COLOR MIXING CHART (The first color is the icing base color, the 2nd and sometimes 3rd are the complimentary icings to mix slowly into the first color until you have the desired shade.): 1) Khaki- Ivory and violet 2)Periwinkle -Sky blue and violet 3)Juniper green- Forest green and orange 4)Gray- Super black (light gray stage) and bright white 5) Olive Green- Mint green, orange,and violet 6)Moss Green- leaf green and orange 7)Taupe- warm brown and teal 8) Apricot- orange and peach 9) Sea foam green- Forest green and ivory 10) Silver- Super black (light gray stage) with navy blue and bright white 11)Jade- forest green and leaf green 12)Cranberry-maroon and super red 13)Plum- burgundy and royal blue 14) Slate blue- royal blue and super black(medium gray stage) 15)grape- violet and super red 16)tan- Ivory(dark application) and warm brown 17) Golden brown- egg yellow and chocolate brown 18)Wedgewood blue- royal blue and orange 19)lavender- deep pink and violet 20)raspberry- deep pink and super red
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Americolor .75 oz food colors
Americolor .75 oz food colors
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