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Ingredients so you may tell what kind of flowers /snowflakes /butterflies, etc. you can use when allergies are involved. Wafer paper : (Kosher)- potato starch, water, vegetable oil. White Satin Ice Fondant: (Pareve)- Sugar,corn syrup,water, palm oil,natural and artificial flavor,gum tragacanth,titanium dioxide,glycerine,cellulose gum,modified corn starch,potassium sorbate,acetic acid. Ivory Satin Ice fondant (Pareve)- sugar ,corn syrup,modified food starch,water,partially hydrogenated soybean oil,artificial flavor,gum tragacanth,glycerine,acetic acid,potassium sorbate,titanium dioxide,cellulose gum. Satin Ice Gum Paste (Pareve)- sugar,corn syrup,modified food starch,water,partially hydrogenated soybean oil, EGG WHITE, artificial flavor,gum tragacanth,acetic acid,potassium sorbate,titanium dioxide,cellulose gum. Royal icing - water, MERINGUE POWDER (egg white),artificial flavoring, powdered sugar.